Vols for Ukraine's (VFU) mission is to help bridge the gap, enabling refugee families to survive as they pursue long-term, stable sources of income and resources for which they are qualified and eligible.

Donation breakdown

General: $288.25

Gift Card Fundraiser: $101.10

Total: $389.35 (351.66 EUR)

Expenses breakdown

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Uniting for Artem Nataliia and Ukraine, UforANU, is registered with the IRS as a public charity under IRC Section 501(c)(3) and our goal is to raise money to grant to non-profit organizations that have programs that provide humanitarian aid Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in the U.S.

We host fundraisers/events where the proceeds are granted to chosen non-government organizations (NGO) that are actively providing aid in Ukraine and/or to Ukrainian refugees in the US.

General donations will be used to pay for organizational costs and can be distributed to event budgets.

To help us cover our organizational/operational costs, up to 10% of proceeds may be kept to pay the bills. This is a 100% volunteer ran organization, there are no employees. Donation and expenses shared below in alignment with our value to be transparent.

If you have any questions on who we are, what we do, or what we plan to do feel, free to email us at contact@uforanu.com.

Originally we were having a different beneficiary every two months and hosting a fundraiser/event every two months. We have decided that this is too much work for our president and volunteer and have adjusted how we operate. Thank you for understanding!

humanitarian charity

Dec '23 - Jan '24
April - May '24

Donation breakdown


Total: $0.00

Expenses breakdown


Website hosting: $40.00

SSL Certificate: $8.00

Adobe Creative Cloud: $78.00*

UPS Mailbox rental: $58.00*

ABN Membership: $12.50

Total: $196.50/2mo

*plan to cancel at end of contract for more price effective methods for our needs



Total: $0.00

Bi-Monthly: $196.50

Printing: $28.70

Advertisement: $5.00

Total: $230.20

As mentioned above, we have changed how we operate and how we will be raise money to grant to non-government organizations providing aid to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in the US.

We have basically eliminated the deadline of 2 months to raise money and now have flexibility for fundraisers/events in multiple ways: scale of the event, beneficiaries, more time to plan and execute.

Feb - March '24

Donation breakdown

10K Challenge: $210.00

Total: $210.00 (194.99 EUR)

Expenses breakdown

Bi-Monthly: $196.50

10K Challenge: $13.00

Total: $209.50