Why not donate directly?

You may be wondering why not just donate directly to the organization?

You absolutely can! The goal is to support these great organizations no matter how the donations reach them. 

If you prefer to donate directly, links to all beneficiaries websites are listed on their page (list of beneficiaries).

So then what is the purpose of this organization? To host fun, engaging, and unifying fundraisers that both benefit Ukraine and/or refugees and all of us. While raising money, we hope to help families connect, people gain confidence, and create community!

April - May 2024

Vols for Ukraine's (VFU) mission is to help bridge the gap, enabling refugee families to survive as they pursue long-term, stable sources of income and resources for which they are qualified and eligible.

Donation breakdown

General: $288.25

Gift Card Fundraiser: $101.10

Total: $389.35 (351.66 EUR)

Expenses breakdown

Current Beneficiary

We pledge that at most 10% of donations will be used to cover expenses.

Donations + Expenses

Uniting for Artem Nataliia and Ukraine, UforANU, is registered with the IRS as a public charity under IRC Section 501(c)(3) and our goal is to raise money to grant to non-profit organizations that have programs that provide humanitarian aid Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in the U.S.

Every two months a non-government organization (non-profit) that is actively providing aid in Ukraine or to Ukrainian refugees in the US will be named as a beneficiary of our grant. Grant money will consist of donations during the two month time period. At least one donation drive/event will take place for each beneficiary

To help us cover our organizational/operational costs, up to 10% of donations may be kept to pay the bills. This is a 100% volunteer ran organization, there are no employees. Donation and expenses shared below in alignment with our value to be transparent.

If you have any questions on who we are, what we do, or what we plan to do feel free to email us at contact@uforanu.com.

Russia launched full-out war when they invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. It has been over 2 years since the people of Ukraine have lived a normal day. Even longer for Ukrainians in Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk, and other regions bordering Russia that have been either under Russia occupation or in conflict since 2014.

Approximately 3,404 civilians were killed and 7,000 - 9,000 injured due to conflict-related actions from 2014 to 2021, according to UN Human Rights Council. As of February 24, 2024, there have been over 10,582 civilians killed (more than 560 children) during the invasion (Feb 24, 2022), according to the  UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine,  and about 19,875 injured (over 1,200 children).

humanitarian charity

Dec '23 - Jan '24
April - May '24

Donation breakdown


Total: $0.00

Expenses breakdown


Website hosting: $40.00

SSL Certificate: $8.00

Adobe Creative Cloud: $78.00

UPS Mailbox rental: $58.00

ABN Membership: $12.50

Total: $196.50/2mo



Total: $0.00

Bi-Monthly: $196.50

Printing: $28.70

Advertisement: $5.00

Total: $230.20

We decided to make the gift card fundraiser, through RaiseRight, a private fundraiser. The money raised by buying the gift cards will be used for organizational/operational costs.

Gift cards can still be purchased through our president, Katie. If you are interested in purchasing one or finding out more information, email krios@uforanu.com.

Feb - March '24

Donation breakdown

10K Challenge: $210.00

Total: $210.00 (194.99 EUR)

Expenses breakdown

Bi-Monthly: $196.50

10K Challenge: $13.00

Total: $209.50