Restore Ukraine

Restore Ukraine’s mission is to create a secure and healthy future for Ukrainian families with the help of a range of humanitarian, construction, housing, and medical assistance projects.

Restore Ukraine’s vision is to restore dozens of cities and hundreds of communities for the displaced Ukrainian families.

Restore Ukraine is a charity organization that was founded in February 2022 during the first week of the full-scale war in Ukraine. Restore Ukraine was founded two brothers – Yaroslav and Stanislav Hnatusko – and start working with Ukrainian distributor of construction materials, “Atlant.”

The brothers and the employees of “Atlant” prepared and distributed hot meals to the people who were hiding in underground metro stations around the city and converted warehouses into shelters for local citizens who lost their homes. The Hnatusko's knew that their city, Kharkiv, needed more.

With the help of sponsors Restore Ukraine deployed assistance to Kharkiv residents in vulnerable communities. That included the distribution of food supplies, construction materials, hygiene kits. equip hospitals and shelters.

"One day, in one Tennessean house, the phone will ring, and one brother will say to another, 'Brother, we won!'"

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February - March 2024 (10K Challenge for U+Ukraine)

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